Rachel: Twilight Forums Closing (Announcements)


Invision 1.x has security holes, and some asshole calling himself 'd1' keeps coming and posting spam and suchnot on the board because of that. Upgrading to Invision 2.0 would fix this, but Invision 2.0 is commercial.

Now, I use Invision 2.x for a number of other sites, but I am not particularly interested in upgrading this board. It would cost me about $70 for a one-year license, and no one even uses the boards anymore. I had originally intended to leave the boards up indefinitely for folks who wished to refer back to the information, but I'm tired of deleting this guy's 'Hot Russian Porn' spams and 'hacked by d1!' posts.

I'm perfectly willing to leave Invision up for a reference, but I am less interested in providing a forum for this d1 guy to post his Russian Porn and Online Gambling ads.

Therefore, effective immediately, I'm just closing down the Twilight Falling forums. I'll keep the posts around in a SQL archive in case anyone ever does wish to refer to them again, but the board will be getting simply turned off.